Quanta Magnetics

Energy Related Experimental Magnetic Research


Wisdom is the product of knowledge and truth. Obtaining this product in fields of technology requires diligent study and experimentation.

Our objective is to prove or disprove technological notions that appear to upset particular accepted laws of classical physics.

In thermodynamics we understand that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but merely transferred into one form or another. The question remains as to the structure and use of strong permanent magnetic force fields providing a latent energy source from within the field, analogous to the heat bi-product of decaying nuclear material inherently contained within its atomic structure.
Or is magnetic flux simply a static force field as we have been taught?

The law of conservation implies that if there is an apparent mechanical or electrical gain from an apparatus, that there will also be an equal loss to balance you back to square one.

Unless one defies these laws by implementing the unwritten law of override, they stand firm. Much as the space shuttle defies the law of gravity when it leaves the earth's atmosphere and punches a hole into space, we also can employ methods to contradict conservation and thermodynamics, and perhaps make new discoveries in the process.

Such is our ambitious objective and consequent success.

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